Dr. Kim Chronister

Health Psychologist and Author of The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation


Therapist, Relationship Expert and Author of the new book The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation, Dr. Kim Chronister has been said to "provide insight and practical suggestions to keep ourselves on track when we inevitably encounter bumps along the road."  Her clinical background includes treating individuals and couples with relationship issues, sexual disorders, eating disorders (including Binge Eating Disorder), substance abuse, anxiety, and depressive disorders. Dr. Kim currently provides therapy in West Los Angeles .  In addition to her clinical work, she provides wellness coaching and has years of experience consulting clients through mental training for enhanced sport performance, weight loss and exercise promotion.  Dr. Kim offers clients worldwide wellness coaching through Skype and phone sessions. In addition to her work in health and wellness related areas, she serves as Department Chair of Graduate Programs for Applied Sport Psychology. Dr. Kim can be seen in numerous magazines and other forms of media providing insight into important mental health and wellness issues.


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